Truck Stop May be Coming to West Reno

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Even though the Reno City Council decided to limit truck stops to industrial districts, and require them to be at least a quarter mile from residentially-zoned areas, a truck stop may still be built in Northwest Reno.

Flying J is seeking a master plan amendment and planned unit development, which would allow for a truck stop at Robb Drive and I-80, according to Flying J Consultant Mike Railey.

About 50 people attended a neighborhood meeting Tuesday on the amendment. They expressed concerns that a truck stop would bring traffic, noise, pollution and crime to the McQueen-area.

Railey says a specific plan for a truck stop, also called a travel plaza, may not come until June at the earliest. But he says steps will be taken to mitigate the impacts of the truck stop, such as: buffering, lighting and sound walls.

The master plan amendment will require the approval of the Reno City Council. Once a specific plan is put forward it will also require Council's approval.