Change of Command

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Nevada does have a new adjutant general Saturday, taking over in a transitional time, especially for the Air National Guard.
But, it was the outgoing general who made it very clear, his work is not done for the state.
The Adjutant General is the military chief of staff to the Governor and commands more than 3-thousand national guard soldiers and airmen.
Brigadier General Cynthia Kirkland became the first woman in Nevada to take over the change of command.
She is taking over just as the Air Guard's status is up in the air awaiting a final decision from the federal government's Base Relocation and Closure committee to take away the planes.
But, it was the outgoing Brigadier General, Giles Vanderhoof, who made it very clear, his new primary role as Nevada's Homeland Security Advisor will include fighting to keep the Air Guard in-tact.
"We've got a lot of people working on this. We've put together a good case because they erred in their report. They have inaccurate date, they have omitted data and they have slanted data."
General Vanderhoof is retiring after 46 years of service in the Air National Guard and four years as adjutant general.
He says he is leaving the guard in good leadership.