Local Clinics Queried

"They've been picking and probing at me with x-rays, slides, everything, biopsies and I'm tired."

A dramatic lifestyle change for Las Vegas resident Michael Washington who contracted Hepatitis C last july after undergoing a procedure at the Endoscopy Center.

The Center's business license was pulled last Friday and more sanctions are expected after health investigators discovered health care workers were re-using syringes and placing them into vials a medicine.
Jennifer Dalbolt was also Endoscopy Center Patient

"I'm a little worried, a little concerned, a little embarrassed... Humilated"

{The center's employees say they were directed to re-use the needles by the center's owner Dr. Depak Desai. The four year practice has meant 40-thousand patients being notified they may be have been exposed to Hepatitis C OR B or even HIV.

Dr. Clark Harrison a local Gastroenterologist says, "This is really an unusual occurrence a deviation."

Dr. Clark Harrison works here at G-I Consultants in Reno. Even this clinic is getting calls from patients wondering what the standard of care is, and if the clinic follows such standards.

"It now causes some anxiety and concern with the patient, the consumer is if I am having a colonoscopy and gastroscopy is that putting me at risk for something so it is a concern for us all."