Local Family & Friends Remember Murdered Soldier

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While the investigation into that murder continues, local friends and family of dead soldier Timothy Miller are grieving. Miller grew up in The Ranchos neighborhood of Gardnerville, and lived there until he joined the Army ten years ago.

While growing up, friends and family say he was better known by the name "Timothy Gray." When he joined the service, he took his paternal father's last name.

Tim's friends of say he had applied with the Nevada Highway Patrol, and had plans to move his wife, Randi, and their seven-month-old baby, Cassidy, closer home to his family.

His friends say they knew when he joined the service, there were risks involved, but they never expected murder.

Timothy's best friend, Josh Munoz says he missed the opportunity to visit with Tim during his visit to Gardnerville in December, but now wishes he would have taken it. He recalled his friendship with Tim, one that started when they were just kids.

"We hit it off immediately when I moved to that street. He was already there before me. We had our own little clique on that street. All the kids would get together, but by far, he and I were the best of friends out of everybody," said Munoz.

The friendship continued on into adulthood. Flags at Douglas High School were flown at half-staff, in honor of Tim, who graduated from there in 1998. Shortly after, he joined the military. Josh says he felt surprised when Tim decided to leave his tight-knit support group in the Carson Valley.

"We always talked, you know about having families and how my kids are going to be best friends with your kids, you know we'll raise them together."

Tim met his wife, Randi in the Army. Josh says the couple seemed happy, and Randi seemed a nice fit for his best friend. He says the Millers were proud parents of 7-month-old Cassidy.

"He was and would have been a great Dad. Now he'll never get that opportunity."

Josh says he's still in shock over the manner in which Tim and Randi were killed. He says it's unfair their lives were cut so short, and that their baby is now without parents.

"I don't know, it just blew my mind. I couldn't imagine anyone doing that to them or why. I am still numb from that. I can't process it."

Josh says Tim's parents will be raising 7-month-old Cassidy from now on. He says while they are devastated by the murder, they plan to raise their granddaughter in an environment surrounded by love and friendship, not pity.

Family friends have set up a bank account for a memorial fund. If you'd like to donate, go to any Wells Fargo Bank and contribute to account #: 8302684389.