Wildfire Threat

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Almost 48 thousand acres have already burned in Nevada this year. That's compared to just nine thousands acres at this time last year. Just looking at the remnants of the of the Waterfall fire residents have a daily reminder of just how close it can get.
By the end of the summer based on the wildfire forecast, officials say all crews are monitored by a national coordinating facility in Boise , Idaho. When a crew request is filed, based on size and condition of a fire, they draw mostly on the westcoast depending on the fires in those areas.
Mike Dondero with the Nevada Division of Forestry says when our local resources become limited they have to prioritize each situation. He says any fire near structures moves to the top of the list.
Just for the Badger Fire in Brunswick Canyon this week, fire officials relied on inmate crews, two federal hot shot teams, and two out of state crews to aid the local fire team. They stress resources are plentiful now, but as we get into the heat of the season, the will become limited. We already done one important state resource.
Captain April Conway says it's the Army Guard who fights most of the states fires, but this year the guard's Chinook helicopters are deployed in Afghanistan. Dondero says they already see an impact from this loss. He also says crews can become available from another fire. But its the governor who pointed out relying on other comes at a high cost. When we request an out of state team they need to be used.