Virginia Mosconi Rembered

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This is home video of Virginia Mosconi's 80th birthday party...about two months before she was found beaten to death inside her Verdi home.
A much happier time, and that's how her son chooses to remember her. Bud Moscon says "everyone loved my mom. She was one of the oldest verdi residents. For 61 years, she lived in that house. No enemies. Her biggest problem was she wanted to help everybody."
Mosconi says his mother may have been TOO trusting. He believes she didn't know her killer...yet there were NO signs of forced entry into her home.
Mosconi says his mother didn't have anything of value, ONLY the family name.
Her husband was Justice of the Peace in Verdi for 30 years.
"The family has been torn apart by what has happened."
Considering, Mosconi says his mother was the center of the family.
That's why he's been so persistent in getting this case solved.
For four years, Mosconi has worked tirelessly for justice.
He says he'll work just as hard to see his mother's killer put away forever.
"It's not curiosity. Call it revenge. I'll do what I can to help out."