Reno police: DNA Mixup Doesn't Change Serial Rapist Probe

RENO, Nev. (AP) - There's been a change in some of the information police in Reno are releasing as the search continues for Brianna Denison's killer.

Lieutenant Robert McDonald says the male DNA on a pair of women's panties found with Denison's body did not belong to the serial rapist suspected of killing her as was earlier reported.

Nevertheless, McDonald says investigators remain 100 percent certain he's the one who left the underwear there.

Denison's body was found Feb. 15 in a field near a southwest Reno business park. Reno police first disclosed on Feb. 19 that the DNA of an unknown woman was on the pair of thong underwear along with the DNA of the serial rapist who kidnapped and strangled the 19-year-old college student.

But McDonald said today the DNA belongs to an unknown male and female. He provided little explanation of the mix-up other than to say "somebody was misinformed" previously.

He says independent of the underwear, DNA has linked Denison's killer to the sexually motivated attacks of at least two college women in the area, one in November and another in December.

It also ties him to the house where Denison was abducted and the crime scene where her body was found.

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