Nevada Officials Don't Have Addresses for 1,400 at-risk Patients

WASHINGTON (AP) - Nevada health officials say they don't have current addresses for about 1,400 of the 40,000 people they are trying to contact to urge testing because they may have been exposed to hepatitis or HIV at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada.

Southern Nevada Health District head epidemiologist Brian Labus says letters are still in the mail and officials are not yet sure how many patients they've reached since disclosing the risk last Wednesday.

All patients who received injected anesthesia at the center between March 2004 and January 2008 are being urged to get tested for hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV because the clinic was found to be reusing syringes, creating the risk of infection.

So far six people are known to have contracted hepatitis C as a result.

The clinic, located in Las Vegas, has been closed.

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