Neighborhood Casinos

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In gaming market that has otherwise been flat in recent years, neighborhood casinos...medium sized operations located closer to residential areas...have been a profitable exception. But proposals to build them have been meeting increasing resistance.
Plans to relocate the Reno Turf Club to a site west of town were withdrawn in the face of stiff resistance from neighbors. And most recently the city council turned down plans by the owners of the Atlantis to build a 200 room resort on South Virginia. It would have been just a quarter mile from the new Bishop Manogue High School. These cases have sent city officials back to the zoning maps.
Sharon Zadra Reno City Councilwoman, "Its time for us to take a look at the locations that are currently approved and see what changes we may need to make for any locations outside."
The proposal would not affect any existing casino, but future projects would be restricted to just 5 neighborhoods: Three are already designated: the downtown, the airport area, the convention center. The proposal would add Boomtown and the Redfield property at South Virginia and the Mount Rose Highway. Of course Boomtown...recently annexed.... already is a hotel casino. There is no gaming at the Mount Rose-South Virginia site, but one was proposed and approved decades ago...on this property southeast of the intersection. The proposal would have Station Casinos abandon its entitlement here....and transfer it across the street to the Redfield property where a big new shopping center is under construction. Approval of the new zoning by the council could clear the way for this project. This is Zadra's ward and so far....she says she's heard little opposition from the neighborhood.