Mega Millions

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This newest game to join the California Lottery family has piqued people's excitement--and greed--luring them in with the chance to win, well, mega millions.
Cashier Dorothy Jennings says just about everyone who stopped by the store was anxious to play the new game.
Like other lotto games, you pay one dollar and you pick five regular numbers from one to 56, and one mega-number from one to 46.
Competing against players in eleven other states, the odds are stiff: one in roughly one hundred and seventy five million chances to win the biggest jackpot.
California schools will get 34 cents from every dollar in tickets sold. But the golden state's entry into the Mega Millions contest is not without controversy and legality issues.
In 1984, California voters approved a state lottery--not necessarily a multi-state lottery. The game's attorneys say the is not explicitly clear that the state can or can not participate in this type of lottery.
A court will next decide if it's constitutional or not.
The winning numbers will be announced this Friday, live from Hollywood at 8 o'clock p.m.
This week's jackpot is forty-two million dollars.