Pot Pops

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These look like typical lollypops.....but just one lick will reveal they're very different.
"The cherry has a unique cherry flavor of its own, because its mixed with the hemp oil," says Paris Patchin, an employee at Hippies Pipes and Incense. "The same with the Orange. And the hemp flavor, that's really an acquired taste."
Employees here at Hippies say people who buy the hemp candy do so for the flavor. They say there are no other effects from the lollypops.
"There is no THC oil in any of the Hemp products we sell," says Patchin.
The owner of the store says most of the controversy about the candy stems from some common misconceptions. She says hemp and marijuana are not one and the same, and that hemp has a variety of uses and health benefits that most people don't know about. But aniti-drug advocates aren't buying it. They're concerned about the marketing behind the candy, and the appeal it may have to young people.
City council members in New York City and Atlanta are trying to ban these lollypops. Locally, a Washoe County School District spokesman says they haven't had a problem with the candy on school campuses, but he says it sounds like something they would not approve of.