Brothel Name Fight

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The question of who can use the Mustang Ranch brothel name...once again came before Storey County commissioners today.
As we first told you back in January, owners David and Ingrid Burgess, have the rights to the world famous trademark...for now...but the issue will ultimately have to be decided in federal court.
Attorneys for the Burgesses' came before commissioners today, disputing why they needed to file for another brothel license...which would cost more than 20-thousand dollars.
They presented documents...showing a temporary injunction had been affirmed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, barring Lance Gilman from using the name.
Gilman owns the Wild Horse brothel...but wanted to open another brothel next door using the Mustang Ranch trademark.
He tried to open the brothel in January, but a ruling came back stating he couldn't...using that name.
The judge also said Gilman couldn't advertise his business as the Mustang Ranch.
As far as this issue, commissioners tabeled the discussion for another day.
Gilman says he's just waiting for a federal court decision...and he says there's no timetable before a final decision is made.
By the way, he will opening his new brothel under the name "world famous brothel," next month.