Medical Marijuana

Here in Nevada a person can legally grow a small number of marijuana plants for personal medical use.But that's only after he's filled out forms, been seen by a doctor, and been approved by the state department of agriculture.
But just because you go through the process, that doesn't mean you're in compliance with federal law. That's apparent with the first page of the application.
Eric Johnson, \Medical Marijuana User, "I'd like to go home and stay."
Former Reno resident Eric Johnson is talking to use via the internet from Amsterdam. He has a genetic disorder much like Multiple Sclerosis only there is no remission period. He says pot helps him with spasms, pain, and nausea he smokes dope three to five times a day. He says until he can get guarantees he won't be arrested by the feds here in Nevada...he can't come home.
Johnson says "I simply cannot get the medicine I need in the United States of America."
Gina Sessions, Senior Deputy Attorney General, " We'll continue to administer our marijuana program like we have since 2002--or 2001 since the law was passed."
Sessions says because Nevada's Medical Marijuana has never touted to be in compliance with federal law, she doesn't see much change here. The more than 600-residents on the program all know at anytime they can be arrested by federal agents for their activity. But to date, that has not happened here in Nevada.
The court's decision gives Congress the right to regulate state economic activity as long as it crosses state borders. It doesn't appear as if Congress at this time wants to change those laws and allow for the use of medical marijuana. California doctors were threatened with that prospect when John shcroft was in office...a federal court heard and struck down the case and the supreme court did not take on the issue.
Nevada doctors might feel a little more comfortable as they don't prescribe pot...they simple confirm the patient has a disease or illness for which a patient is seeking relief.