Latest News From Special Session

Governor Kenny Guinn
Gov. Kenny Guinn
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The Nevada Legislature's special session, called by Governor Guinn after lawmakers failed to get all their regular-session work done by a one a-m deadline this morning, is over.
Lawmakers adjourned just before one p-m after passing measures
dealing with low-cost prescription drugs from Canada, Nevada's
Millennium Scholarship program and a scaled-back, full-day
kindergarten program.
The legislators also passed a "pork" bill that has various special funding projects that are in addition to those in the regular state budget.
The measures were among a dozen bills that were considered in
the special session. The regular session lasted 120 days -- but at
the end legislators ran out of time.
Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio says he didn't anticipate
what he termed --quote-- "a meltdown at the end." But he says
lawmakers persevered and managed to accomplish a lot for the state.