Teen Burglars

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Many people in Northwest Reno tonight...are feeling much safer.
It appears a burglary ring, which has lasted since April, is over.
Those residents have been on edge...ever since hearing more than thirty homes had been broken into in the past six weeks.
They're feelings are mixed tonight.
Yes, they're happy the crime spree is over...but learning the suspected burglars were between the ages of 13 and 15 years old is disturbing.
Detectives have recovered some of the stolen goods...which included small, but high-tech electronic equipment.
Police say the teenagers were selling the devices to fellow students at McQueen High School...where four of the five were freshmen.
The value of the stolen items is in the thousands of dollars.
Investigators say the group was using the money to buy marijuana.
The teens targeted homes when no one was around, and usually went in through the back open window.
All the crimes occurred after school, when the boys' parents weren't back from work.
The teens won't be tried as adults...so they face lesser penalties than if they were over the age of 18.
Some could be sent away to Elko's juvenile correctional center for a more serious sentence.
As for the school district, administrators say they most likely won't take any disciplinary action against the students...because the thefts didn't occur on school property.