DMV Rebate

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Under the current DMV rebate plane, no check will be more than $300.
Governor Kenny Guinn says those complaining about smaller checks will actually find out it will add up.
Before the Senate Finance Committee approved the governor's DMV rebate plan, they learned how the numbers would break down across the state.... And this may surprise you.
More than 15-thousand checks will only total about a dollar, and more than half the checks would be less than a hundred dollars.
But, Governor Guinn says the smaller checks would be most likely for small trailers, so he says the driver would probably be getting at least one more check for the car that pulls the trailer.
"I think people will say, if this is what I paid in, this is what I got back and that's fine."
But, not everyone says it's fine.
Senator Bob Coffin of Las Vegas, the only dissenting vote in the finance committee, says this was not the deal everyone understood.
"It was always to the effect of there would be about one million who would get something out of three million. We did the math and thought it was $300, each. Until we saw the numbers yesterday."
Governor Guinn explains that those who paid more, will get more.
But, Senator Coffin says he learned it is the business owners who will profit the most with the rebate.... because each had to register several cars at a time.
So, while some could possibly receive several $300 checks, others will receive less of this surplus because they paid less.
"The money's spread way thin and the chunk of the money's going to go to commercial interests."
It is worth noting that Senator Coffin *was part of today's unanimous vote in the senate.
The governor says the I-R-S told the state it does not have to send out 10-99's, but whether you need to report it as taxable income is still up for debate.