Safe Grad Night

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It's the lack of money that's frustrating some Carson High School parents and students because after graduation, everyone wants to party.
Sunday was the last fund-raiser to help pay for this year's safe grad night and trip to Six Flags Amusement Park the day after.
The Silver Oak Golf Club in Carson City donated the dining room and their kitchen and for $5 a lunch, they hope to make up for what they haven't earned just yet.
Christine Borges is a senior at Carson High.
She says there's a good reason to make safe grad night available for everyone to attend.
"You hear about it all the time, somebody goes somewhere and they're in a car accident. They just graduated and die. Safe grad gives you something to do and it's safe and it's just a lot of fun. It's a big party and you get to go on the roller coaster."
They are a couple thousand dollars short to offset the cost for any senior who wants to attend without it costing the student anything.
If you want to donate your time or money for next Saturday's party, just contact Carson High School.