One Pedal At A Time

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They started just after dawn this morning and finished almost 100 miles of physical labor.
Everyone here says the ride is just an example of their labor for an important cause to all of them.
The sun was shining and the wind was fierce, but at the finish line... nothing else mattered except for the one reason everyone was riding.
Gary Odenthal, from Oregon, says it's a goal worth accomplishing.
"I actually have leukemia and it's kind of a way I can say, I can beat this, I suppose."
Lee Edelstein came all the way from South Florida.
But, he says it's worth the trip.
"I lost my wife a couple of years ago, after a long, hard battle with cancer. And, whatever I can do to honor her is my pleasure."
Amber Lynn Bodily, from Utah, also has a personal story to tell.
"My mom personally went through cancer, so now I'm always into anything that can find a cure."
They have traveled from across the country to be here and everyone has a story to tell, a name to say or sorrow to share.
Larry Gracer, from California, could hardly stop the tears, but was proud despite the grief.
"As a group we raised seven million dollars, our chapter raised about $170,000... I'm sorry......"
Will Vasser traveled with his wife from Virginia, and gave her the credit she says he deserves.
"I'm here because I've got leukemia. I've just finished my fourth cycle of chemotherapy and my wife was doing the fund-raising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and raised more than $6,000."
Shane Baker, from Utah, said it very simply.
"All of us have had somebody in our lives thats been touched by cancer, whether it be our own or somebody we know. So, we raised some money for research."
Besides accomplishing personal and team goals just to complete, these riders raised more than seven million dollars for cancer research.