Knowing Your Neighbor

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County Commissioner Bonnie Weber organized Saturday's public forum to encourage you to get involved in your neighborhood.
"It's really important for people to get involved. So often we sit back and think there's no answers or I'll find out from somebody else who doesn't have the answer either. It's just so important for people to call and start working together."
Public leaders, law enforcement and anyone from the community came to talk about issues in their neighborhood... and suprisingly, the top complaint is not what you might expect.
Assistant Sheriff James Lopey says drivers cause the most problems.
"Traffic is probably our number one complaint and all of the agencies have divisions that field those complaints."
Besides traffic, the officers explained why gangs have made their way to our area... dating back to the late 80's.
The gang unit and cooperative work between all the law enforcement agencies started shortly thereafter, but they still stress the importance of your help.
"I think it's also very important to get our citizens involved and it's important to solicit their input because without their involvement, it just makes our job that much harder to do."
Commissioner Weber agrees saying people need to understand who lives next door.
"A lot of folks think that if they have one of these signs in their neighborhood, that they have a neighborhood watch program going on. And, if you don't know who your neighbor is, then you don't have a neighborhood watch program going on you street."
To start one yourself, you can contact any local law enforcement agency... they can also let you know if you already have an active program.
Just taking the step towards involvement, is something everyone today will only work to keep your neighborhood safe.