Teen Burglary Spree

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Stead, the Silver Lake Road, Rocky Mountain and Green Mountain areas...is one of the current hot spots. Two series of crimes here vehicle burglaries at night, residential burglaries by day, and there's a common M-O to those crimes.
Lt. Ron Donnelly, Reno Police Department, say the teens enter from garage...force their way into the house...and once inside the burglars grab small stuff they can carry....money, jewelry, of course, but also Cd's DVD's and X-Box games.
The problem worse in northwest Reno in the neighborhoods around Billinghurst Middle and McQueen High Schools. There have been 17 home burglaries here in the last month, 3 in the last day. Investigators believe the burglars here are simply cruising the neighborhood, knocking on doors. When it appears no one is home, they jump the fence, break a window and then they're in. It happens during the when residents are at work.
Again the items taken are small an all signs point toward juveniles. And with school getting out soon, it's only going to get worse.