Chugging Along

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This what 140-thousand cubic yards of concrete will look like when the project is finished. That's enough concrete to fill a football field seven stories high. To that another five million pounds of rebar, or enough for two skyscrapers..and you'll have what it takes to build a trench two and a half miles long..
Water and weather have been the two greatest concerns The mother of all winters did indeed slow the project down, but it was the danger of ground water that had managers like Al Lord sweating bullets. You can't pour concrete when you're wading around in a swimming pool.
Al Lord, ReTRAC :"Luckily our method worked better that what we hoped..And we were able to get it under control and get the ground water sealed off a lot faster than we thought we would."
There are about 150 construction personnel working full time pouring concrete, setting forms, tying off rebar, drilling holes, and riding the high iron like a circus act. All the while inching closer to the end. The end of which will also come to the project manager, who will have left his mark on the project for generations to come.
Lord says :"It's a time in my life when I want to spend some time with my son and with people I really enjoy working with..and taking life a little bit easier."