The Clock is Ticking

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With a broad outline of agreement on key items. The money committees went back to work on the budget this morning. The key points of agreement include at two step raise of two and four percent for state employees. A math and science building at UNR and all day kindergarten for at risk schools. But there are a lot of details to be worked out.
Assemblywoman Debbie Smith\(D) Reno, says "what they've give us is a general concept, now the staff must crunch some numbers to see if that will work."
Lorne Malkiewich, Director of theLegislative Council Bureau, says "When you close a budget, say the school budget, a lot of people have to check those numbers, for each of the 17 school districts in the state."
And a lot of bills languished, as differences on the budget tired things up in recent days. AB 195 for instances, that's Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley's plan to make it easier for Nevadans to get prescription drugs from Canada. A senate amendment essentially gutted the bill, making it a pawn in the budget struggle. It's now alive again but with two different versions of the bill passing its headed for conference committee. And it will have plenty of company. At least 80 conference committees will be meeting in the closing days looking for compromise at that looming back log is now the biggest obstacle standing in the way of adjournment by 1am Tuesday morning.
Lynn Hettrick (R) Gardnerville says "If there's anything that keeps us here, it will be just the shear mechanics of processing all those amendments. We aited long enough and we could run over, it's a huge issue"