Preschool Expulsion

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Discipline problems are nothing new in will be kids. But researchers at Yale University have revealed what could be an alarming trend in the behavior of our youngest students. The study shows that pre-schoolers are three times more likely to be expelled than older students....even in high school. Boys are expelled almost five times more often than girls. And where the children go to school also makes a difference. Expulsion rates were lowest in public programs and head start, highest in private and faith-based centers.
Preschool teachers say they're not surprised by the numbers, simply because working parents are sending far more kids to preschool today. Another reason why they say the pre-school expulsion rate is so much higher is because they have a choice when it comes to dealing with troubled kids, and can expell them. But elementary, middle and high schools are legally obligated to educate students.
Even though it is a choice, teachers we talked to say they only expel a child as a last resort. The key, they say, is working closely with parents to stop the behavoir before it gets worse.