Using Sonar Detection

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Lyon County sheriff's officials say this will most likely be the last day of searching. They've exhausted all their resources trying to find the two people, including the use of sonar technology. Three boats scour the waters at Beach 6. That's where 21-year-old Tim Easley was last seen by his friends Saturday afternoon...before he took a dip in the lake.
The boats are equipped with sonar devices, allowing search and escue crews to cover a square mile per day. Just divers, and authorities could only search fifty square feet per dive...if conditions were perfect. One diver says with the conditions under water we have no visibility. Can't see at all or make out any difference.
Still, the boats today did pick up a few squiggly lines from the sonar. The sound waves are recorded on paper, showing search and rescue volunteers what's at the bottom of the lake.
Every small detail requires a dive, and each dive takes as little as five minutes. Divers can only go by touch and feel. The water grid search is very time consuming. But, authorities say it's the most cost effective way to recover a body. Otherwise, it would just float to the surface, and could traumatize someone.
Captain Jeff Page, "We'd like to get them off the bottom before a kid finds it. But most important bring closure to the family."
Lyon County sheriff's officials say it cost roughly four thousand dollars a day for this search. A cost that could have been avoided if the people followed some simple safety precautions this memorial day weekend.