DMV Rebate Fight

Governor Kenny Guinn
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Guinn spokesman Greg Bortolin says the letter "reaffirms the governor's belief that the registration rebate is the right course of action."
With only one week left in the 2005 Legislature, which adjourns
June sixth, the Republican governor and Assembly Democrats have
been at odds over the best way to rebate the surplus funds
generated as a result of 2003 tax increases that mainly hit
Guinn had said earlier that he had been told verbally by the
I-R-S there appear to be no tax consequences for rebates under 600
dollars to individuals who don't itemize deductions on their tax
The governor also said the I-R-S questioned why the Assembly
Democrats would describe their rival proposal as a gasoline tax
rebate when the real source is the state general fund which has
surplus funds from a wide variety of tax sources.