BLM To Hold Second Auction For Impounded Horses

The Bureau of Land Management is accepting bids to auction 14 impounded horses.

The horses are branded, domestic animals that were in trespass on public land.

The owners did not attempt to redeem them.

Bids must be submitted by 9 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 27.

A sale packet with photos of the horses is available on-line at These horses were offered previously and did not receive bids.

Successful bidders will receive a certificate of brand inspection for transport and ownership from the Nevada Brand Inspector.

The horses are available for inspection through Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 4
p.m. Inspections are available by appointment only by calling Amanda
DeForest at the Winnemucca Field Office (775) 623-1500.

On February 1, the BLM issued the owners of the impounded horses a
notice of public sale.

The initial sale on Feb. 15 resulted in 18 of 32 horses being purchased.