Stop and Go

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"DUI/seat-belt checkpoint we're doing right now. Just wanted to make sure you have your seat-belt on, you haven't been drinking?"
Officers with the Reno Police Department will see close to 11-hundred cars go through the downtown check-point before the night it over.... ticketing almost 100 drivers.
The point: Sgt. Andy Kachurak says it's to keep drunk drivers off the road and remind everyone to buckle up, but not without fair warning of their presence... which is required by law.
"If they just know, that's why we send out press releases and news releases and advertisements that we're going to be out there doing it. And, if that makes them put their seat belt on, then we've won, we're winners."
And for the most part, those who drive through the check-point aren't bothered by the short delay.
Driver Terry Carlson, says he appreciates the stop... even if he had to wait.
"I think it's a good idea. The worst thing that could happen is be hit by someone like that."
Since young drivers make up the highest percentage of drunk drivers killed in the state of Nevada, officers say the publicly advertised check-points often help deter a driver to instead consider an alternate ride home.
"Most of them are very thankful and wish we'd do it more often, you know every once in a while we get one that's not very happy and they usually don't have their seat-belt on or been drinking."
Sunday night, the Reno Police Department will set up another check-point at Kietzke and Vassar Street and on Monday they will head to Northwest Reno at Kings Road and McCarren.