Lab Monitors Quake

Professor. Glen Biasi from the Nevada Seismological Lab at UNR says something was different this morning.

" I wake up and in this case I heard 139 stations had been triggered the only way that essentially that network the whole seismic network that only way that could be is a real earthquake. So I got out of bed and opened my computer and looked at the wave forms from a couple of stations, and yes Virginia is was a big earttquake."

Take a look at the maps around the seismological lab, and the area in and around Wells pales in comparison to other parts of the state. Biasi ) says based on monitoring and charting this area wasn't a logical place for a six-point-zero tembler to occur.

" Fairly low on the list, that's right, quite low it was unpresidented in our certainly in our instrument and recordings, and there is nothing like it in our catelogues there's nothing that far east."

At the lab you can see how various monitors calibrated the earthquake. And Biasi says there have been plenty of after shocks to follow, some registering four-point-zero. At four this afternoon the lab registered a five-point-two after shock.

Heavy actiivty in the area, does this mean all of the research at the lab needs to be re-evaluated? Not necessarily says Biasi. He says the information they now have may prompt geologists and geo-physicists to further examine faults in that area.