Hunting West Nile

Meet Will Lumpkin...a biology major at University of Nevada who for the summer is lookin' for larvae. Will is one of two interns for the Washoe County's Health Department Public Service Department.
Lumpkin is one of two interns who will survey catch basins here in the Truckee Meadows and Incline Village looking for the offspring of mosquitoes. it's the first of its kind program for our area, he estimates each catch basin can spawn a maximum of about one-hundred-mosquitoes apiece. He hopes to stop that from happening.
He's looking for worms that bend in the center. At many catch basins he finds nothing. If he finds larvae, he takes this special pellet which prevents growth and drops it in. Washoe County and City of Reno cleanup crews will evacuate the water from these basins at a later date. Three to four times a week Lumpkin will spend his days like this..from man hole cover to man hole cover....hoping to expose and eradicate the threat of west nile virus.
As the season literally heats up, Lumpkin says he expects to find more activity in catch basins.Even if they don't find larvae now....that doesn't mean he won't return to check back on the mosquitoes progress later.