Don't Feed The Birds

Nevada's Department of Wildlife is asking local residents to stop feeding wild birds.
That means removing feeders and bird baths from the backyard.
Its all because of an infectious disease that's quite contagious and fatal to certain species of birds.
The Department of Wildlife with the help of the state agriculture department confirms several doves and pigeons in Northern Nevada are dying from Trichomonas gallinea.
Lana Shelmadinie says she goes through a ten pound bag of bird feed a week, at her home here in Stead.
Her backyard is a pretty popular feasting spot and she enjoys watching the activity from her kitchen window.
Lana says she's noticed nothing out of the ordinary this year with the birds. But according to the Department of Wildlife and Agriculture Department...multitudes of birds particularly doves and pigeons are dying from Trichomonas gallinae a parasite which causes abscess in the bird's upper digestive system. The inflammation eventually closes off the birds throat so it dies from starvation and dehydration.
Veterinarians say without easy access to bird feeders...these infected animals will die and not infect other healthy birds in the process. That's why she and others are asking local residents not to feed wild birds this summer. With our wet winter she says...there's plenty of a natural food supply for non-infected birds to survive.