Adopting Amendments

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Angela Chalmers-Howald gave up her six-month old daughter six years ago, and hasn't seen her since.
But, when Chalmers agreed to the adoption process, she says she was promised that she could still see her daughter on a regular basis.
"I relinquished my child because the adoption agency, that I used, said this experience will be easier on you because we can give you a contract agreement that will allow you to see your child."
That was five and a half years ago and Chalmers has yet to see her daughter.
Chalmers says the agreement may seem valid, but is not legally recognized in the state of Nevada.... she's been trying to change that ever since.
She says Assembly bill 51, as introduced by Assemblyman Bernie Anderson, is the product that would recognize a post-adoptive contract as legally binding.
It passed unanimously in the assembly, but in the senate Senator Maurice Washington just attached wording from his failed SB 109 concerning joint custody battles.
"We were successful on every level. Proponents and opponents agreed and mediated a great law with the assistance of the senate and assembly."
She says it took two legislative sessions to finally agree on a bill that protected all of the interests involved... something she wants to see done with Senator Washington's custody amendments.
"Dead bills are resurrected at the last minute and tacked onto good bills that everybody knows are going to pass."
The Assembly did not approve the amended version today, instead sending it back to the Senate for changes.