"The Terminator"

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Earlier today in an undisclosed location near Carson City... The Department of Public Safety destroyed some 1-hundred thousand dollars in illegal drugs.
Lt. Scott Jackson, Nevada Dept. Public Safety, "Today we used this Drug Terminator to destroy drugs that we've kept in the evidence locker for several months."
Marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and other prescription drugs. Incinerated in a portable, high heat, steel drum. That heats up to 2-thousand degrees. The process is started however, with a low tech bag of charcoal briquettes.
"When the electricity is activated it creates a cyclone of heat. Thereby incineration the drugs." Unlike older methods. The terminator emits no smoke, and meets the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency. And it used to be that confiscated drugs had to be taken out of state to be destroyed.
And because of the portability of this item the Department of Public Safety is able to do it on a more frequent basis.
The "terminator" is also extremely cost effective. The price tag for the apparatice is just under 3-thousand dollars. Much cheaper than carting the drugs out of state to be destroyed.