Teen Driving School

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Driver's education is ONE class...most teenagers don't look forward to.
But, what if it were taught by professional race car drivers?
It's called the "Next Level" Driving school.
Already, at the track, is a school for high performance, competitive racing.
Instructors opened the teen driving school, a year and a half ago, at the request of some parents.
They were worried more and more teenagers were getting into car accidents...because they weren't better prepared.
There's no bigger teen killer, between the ages of 15 and 20, than car accidents.
This school teaches them steering, brake control, skid control, and highway driving.
Teachers simulate real life situations and obstacles...that teenage drivers would come across everyday on the road.
They say if the teens can better control their cars, they'll be more confident drivers...confidence being a key to safe driving.
Five teens took the class today...but instructors expect to be much busier this summer after school gets out.
It runs every Thursday out at the raceway, and is 195-dollars.
For more information, call 629-9326 or 224-1742.