"Click it or Ticket"

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Commercials running all week on local television stations, may only take thirty seconds, but, according to the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, its message...saved 70 lives last year.
Allison Patterson says she would have been thrown from the car if not for her seat belt. With a son two years away from getting his driver's license, she wants him to know how important it is.
When it comes to wearing seat belts, traffic safety administrators say...Nevadans do a good job overall. Only Arizona and Hawaii, had a better compliance rate last year.
For many non-seat belt users, and especially young people, the threat of a ticket has proven to be a greater reason to buckle up...than the threat of injury or death. Joshua Filippo says "I got a ticket in California and ever since have worn my seat belt. i don't like paying the fine."
Remember, legally, a law enforcement officer CAN'T pull you over...for NOT wearing a seat belt. But, over the next two weeks...if you get pulled over, and you're also NOT wearing a seat belt, you WILL get ticketed. No excuses.