Fallon High School Reopens After Clogged Sewer Fixed

Churchill County High School in Fallon reopened this morning, a day after a clogged sewer line shut it down.

School district officials decided to close the school for the day after the problem was discovered early Thursday morning.

Officials say they considered bringing in portable toilets and bottled water so classes could be held, but there was not enough time to make the necessary arrangements.

They say students and staff would have been unable to use water
or restrooms until repairs were completed.

Officials reported the problem was fixed Thursday afternoon.

City of Fallon workers had a difficult time in locating the source of the problem and moved from one section of the sewer line to the next.

Buses brought students to the school in the morning, but drivers were told to take them back home because of the clogged line.

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AP-NY-02-15-08 1322EST