That's The Ticket

SPECIAL REPORT Starting Monday
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Police officers in both Reno and Sparks concentrate much of their traffic enforcement efforts on intersections where the most accidents are reported.
Here are Sparks' ten most accident-prone intersections, where you stand the greatest chance of getting a ticket for speeding or running a red light.
The number in parentheses after each intersection is the number of accidents reported there since January 1st.

1. Oddie Boulevard and El Rancho Drive (15)
2. Pyramid Way and Prater Way (13)
3. Oddie Boulevard and Rock Boulevard (12)
4. Pyramid Way and McCarran Boulevard (10)
5. Oddie Boulevard and Pyramid Way (10)
6. McCarran Boulevard and East Prater Way (9)
7. Oddie Boulevard and Sullivan Lane (9)
8. Sparks Boulevard and Baring Boulevard (8)
9. El Rancho Drive and McCarran Boulevard (7)
10. Glendale Avenue and Rock Boulevard (7)

If you'd like to meet the officers who patrol those intersections, the Sparks Police Department invites you to a traffic meeting Wednesday night, May 25th.
Officers will discuss the challenges of youthful drivers, High Accident Location Targeting (HALT enforcement) and traffic safety in general. The meeting will be held at police headquarters at 1701 East Prater Way from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m.