Student Arrested

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When police searched the Damonte High School junior, they say they found a controlled substance the student identified as methamphetimine.
Chief Mike Mieras says shortly after finding the drug, the police asked to search the student's car.
"With the consent from him and using our canine, the search of the vehicle in the parking lot as you observed a search was conducted and there were items in pattern with meth making.
Police say they found jugs filled with liquid in the car along with other materials, so they say, at that point, it was standard procedure to call the hazmat team to the area and keep other students from that particular area in the parking lot.
However, after searching, they confirmed there were no chemicals in the car, although what was in the jugs is still being investigated.
"We did find some drug paraphernalia, a small amount, and at this time that's it."
At that point, police say they cleared the scene and finally let students get to their cars in the parking lot.
Denise Hausauer, the principal, says preventing today's scare and just keeping drugs from campus should start at home.
"I think the number one deterrent to drugs is having a very tight family relationship and having those conversations every night about how was your day, what did you do, where are you going, who are you with?"
She says there are always confidential resources available to both parents and students at the school, if there are any questions about drug use.
"They have a wonderful resource here with our counseling service. They can call at anytime and say help me through this orhelp me with my child through this."
She says by the time the police get involved, the conversation with your child about drugs can be a lot more difficult.