Hart's Coach Suing Lyon Co. School District

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Kevin Hart's football coach is suing the Lyon County School District and the District Board of Trustees.

The suit claims the defendants supplied a Reno television station with false information about Coach Mark Hodges. According to the lawsuit, that information implied Hodges was directly involved in Hart's admitted made-up story that he was going to play football for Cal State. The suit also says Hodges was falsely accused of being fiscally irresponsible.

According to the suit, it was reported that up to $26,000 in unauthorized funds was spent by the football program on new uniforms.

Speaking on the phone Wednesday, Hodge's attorney Mark McKenna, said he believes Hodges was made a scapegoat in the Hart scandal.

Hodges is seeking in excess of $10,000 in general and future damages. Punitive damages are also requested.

The lawsuit states Mark Hodges has been a target of hatred and ridicule.

Hodges referred all questions on the lawsuit to his lawyer.

A member of the Lyon County School Board of Trustees says, to his knowledge, no one with the district said Hodges was fiscally irresponsible.