Rape Investigation

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Rumors and investigations continue to fly in Fallon in the aftermath of that party. What actually happened and what role did the host of the party, a former high school coach, play?

There are separate criminal and civil investigations attempting to separate fact from rumor concerning what happened the night of January 18th. What is known is that there was a party attended by at least 30 to 35 local teenagers, a party apparently hosted by the owner of the home, a former high school coach.

The mother of one of them, a 15 year old girl, says she asked the former coach about her plans for the party and was told it was to be a girl's only sleep over. No boys. No alcohol.

That part of the story is supported by one of the young people at the party. He says he arrived at the party at about 11 that night to find as many as 3 dozen partying and drinking. When the beer ran out he says he and another young man accompanied the former coach to a nearby convenience store to buy more.

He continues to says he didn't know most of the girls at the party, they were younger. But he did know one and he says she was very drunk. He says he left the party at about one that morning. The girl he knew was sitting with another boy. The former coach was still up and hosting the party.