Private Airport Screeners

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A Nevada airport wants to change back to private security screeners...and more airports across the nation, may soon be making the switch.
The Elko Regional airport has applied to the federal government about replacing federal screeners with private workers.
One other Sioux Falls, South Dakota wants to make the switch.
The Washoe County Airport Authority says it's concerned with the issue of liability.
In the event of a terrorist attack, they say the liability may rest with the local airport...if private screeners are handling security.
Right, now it rests solely with the federal government.
Recently, the Transportation Security Administration has come under fire...after two government reports, released last month, stated airports are no safer now than after 9-11.
Local officials dispute the claim.
They say a survey last year, taken at Reno/Tahoe International, showed 80-percent of passengers felt safe at the airport.
Staff credits their working relationship with the T-S-A after the September 11th attacks.