Obama, McCain Sweep Primaries

WASHINGTON (AP) - Voters in three more states have had their say in who ought to be president, and the preference of Democrats is Barack Obama. For Republicans it's John McCain.

Obama's easy wins in primaries in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia put him out in front of Hillary Clinton in the overall hunt for delegates. He says it shows he's putting together a "new American majority," drawing people from every region and every group.

Clinton has moved her campaign to Texas, looking to get back on track next month with victories there and in Ohio. Addressing a big, enthusiastic crowd in El Paso, Clinton noted the Texas saying, "All hat and no cattle." She said after seven years of George Bush, the country needs "a lot less hat and lot more cattle."

Obama is also looking ahead to the general election, targeting likely Republican nominee McCain. The Democrat told a Wisconsin audience he honors McCain's war experience but he said McCain represents the same policies that have failed for America under Bush.

McCain's three wins add to his wide lead over Mike Huckabee. And McCain is also looking ahead, accusing Obama and Clinton of both emphasizing "America's mistakes" over what he described as the "malevolent intentions" of the enemy.