Star Wars

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Star Wars fans say they're more than happy to wait in line for hours to score a good seat, and watch fans in costume act out their favorite scenes as they countdown to showtime.
"I'm sporting the Luke Skywalker look, circa episode six," says Anthony Walsh, and extreme Star Wars fan.
"I spent years working on this costume...literally," says Scott Erickson, who dressed as a Storm Trooper. "I started with cardboard, then paint and fiberglass."
The day they've been waiting for is finally here....and these Star Wars Fans are not only wearing costumes, but trying to bring their favorite characters to life.
"One from the sith side came over to us and said he was ordered to kill us and we got into a fight, two one one, and of course, the Jedis won," says Steve Denler.
Even fans who aren't quite as dedicated are still making sacrifices to sit in line. For many, "work" was pretty much left behind.
"I'm trying to be a little responsible," says Ted Elsner, who brought his laptop. "I have some work I need to get done, so I'm working on that now, but also waiting for the movie and watching the movie, just enjoying myself."
That's how most people here feel. No one's complaining about the weather or long line. Instead, they say the rest of us who don't understand their Jedi ways have no idea what we're missing.
"Everyone who's here wants to be here, so we're all kinda nerds," says Walsh. "But really, the people who aren't here are missing out."
All six premier shows are sold out.