Hilton Construction Plans

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Developers say it will take seven years to turn the Reno Hilton into one of the west's premiere resorts.
Phase One will start sometime in September.
It will include a 150-thousand square foot indoor water park, along with remodeling the top six floors of the hotel...into high rise condos.
You may also see some changes to the exterior of the Hilton.
Phase two of the project won't start until the fall of 2007.
That's when developers will build the resort.
It should take three years.
During that time, a second tower will be added.
It will have a 1000 to 1200 new condos, anchored by a 250-thousand square foot water park.
The third phase of the project will be the development of commercial and retail stores...along the lake and Truckee River.
Developers say the Hilton will stay open during the construction.