No More Beer?

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In the last five years, fewer people are drinking beer, while more are choosing wine and cocktails, according to a Beverage Marketing Corporation in New York City.
Analysts say while the baby-boomer parents chose wine, the boomers wanted beer... now the trend has flip-flopped.
Even local bars and clubs are noticing the shift of drink favorites when it's time to stock the bar.
Nicole Fontana, with the Peppermill Hotel Casino, says the gimics work.
"Advertising really gets the word out. Younger people are now drinking all the hot new drinks: hypnotic, flavored martinis, cosmos..."
Jill Gianoli, with the El Dorado, says it's been an obvious shift to a crowd that loves choices.
"I think they're becoming more sophisticated and they're wanting to try all the new kinds of liquors that are out there because there's so many new ones on the market everyday."
Recently, aggressive marketing to young drinkers by liquor companies flooded the market through magazines, billboards and commercials.
Even beer companies caught on to the low-carb craze to compete with their own lines of "healthy" beverages.
Laurie Beth Richter says she always orders a rum with diet coke, and her friends do the same.
"My girlfriends typically lean towards low-carb stuff too, so mostly diet beverages and whatever the poison."
The low-carb drinks aren't necessarily marketed to men, who make up more than 80-percent of beer drinkers in the country.
And when it comes to hard liquor, Gianoli says males still favor the old standards.
"Men are big drinkers of martinis. I think men like dark liquors: bourbons, whiskey's, cognacs...."
No one at the bars are complaining... the days for dollar beers are replaced with 10-dollar martini specials... and Fonatana says people are buying.
"A lot of people are getting a little different palates. They're drinking more expensive drinks and they're actually spending a little bit more on that."