National ID Card?

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On a Friday afternoon the Department of Motor Vehicles office is a busy place. In the future it could be much busier.
Tom Jacobs, Department of Motor Vehicles, says you'll probably still be able to renew on the web or by mail, but if you come into most offices you won't get your dirver's license the same day. It will be mailed to you. And to get that license you'll have to present more forms of identification....and DMV workers will have to do more to verify that information. It will be more of a hassle, but the bill's sponsor says it's a necessary step in the war against terror
Rep. James Sensenbrenner\(R) Wisconsin, "the provisions will hamper the ability of terrorists and criminal aliens to move freely through our society."But it comes at a dollars and perhaps in liberties. State governments worry this is an unfunded mandate. Jacobs says its impact is unknown and there is hope for some grants to help with the cost, but he says Nevada already makes it harder to get a driver's license.
Nevada has some of the toughest laws now concerning what kind of documents you need to present in order to get a driver's license. Someone who is in the country illegally isn't going to have those documents.
The other cost may be harder to measure and is a matter of debate. Many worry this is a first step toward a national I-D card and a "show me your papers kind of society.
Richard Siegel, President, Nevada ACLU, says "They're ordering the states to issue drivers licenses under a number of different restrictions. This is a national ID."
Despite the concerns....and a lack of full debate in Washington, the bill is expected to pass in the Senate next week and the president is expected to sign it. The House of Representatives attached it to a supplementary funding bill for military operations in the Middle East and tsunami relief. That forces anyone worrying about a national ID card to vote against the troops or the tsunami victims.