River Safety Tips

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Rising waters mean more danger for those who love to get out on the Truckee River.
This winter's heavy snowfall has created an exceptionally high, fast moving river.
That's great news for kayakers, but it also poses a more serious threat for anyone else who wants to get in.
Logs, branches and other debris pose one of the greatest hazards to swimmers or rafters in any river...that's why these two volunteers with the County's Hasty team spent the morning removing them.
Grant Wigmore is an Advanced Swift Water Rescue Technician for the County.
While he never wants to discourage anyone from having fun in the water, he recognizes it's an inherently dangerous place to play.
Contributing to that danger is water temperature; right now, the Truckee river is a chilly forty degrees.
Wigmore says cold water makes it quite difficult to swim.
That's why he says in early summer, you need to prepare for the cold with a dry suit or wet suit or other protective clothing.
While this downtown section of the Truckee looks like one big playground, swimmers need to realize the flow is fast, powerful and unrelenting.
Safety experts also say river enthusiasts should always wear life jackets.