Fighting West Nile

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Standing water is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. And after a long hard winter... there's plenty of wet ground and water this spring.
Nancy Upham, Mosquito Abatement, says with the winds and the temperatures increasing we hope that will actually dry up, but for right now it's a big concern.
Last year in Churchill county there were 15-human cases of West Nile... 42-in horses and 21 in birds. Again this year the county will use a sentinel program to detect the disease. Flocks of chickens spread around the county... will be tested every two weeks.
Weapons in fighting the disease include spraying to kill adult mosquitoes, pellets to keep mosquito larva from hatching, and then there are the fish. Officials are using a fish that can survive in very shallow and stagnant water then fish then do a great job of eating the larva.
Officials can't stock water they don't know about., but they will if you notify them. You can call Nancy Upham with mosquito abatement at (775) 423-2828. It should be pointed out that while West Nile Virus has gotten a lot of attention in recent years... It is very rarely fatal in humans.