More Cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The health district says the increase in reported sexually transmitted diseases mirrors what's going on state and nationwide. Chlamydia is the most commonly reported sexually transmitted disease here in Washoe County rates increased from nine-hundred-91 cases to one-thousand one-hundred 58 cases in 2004.

Jennifer Stoll-Hadayia, Public Health Program Manager says there are high risk populations like I-V drug users who share needles or those who have unprotected sex that are more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease. But she says teens made up about 20-percent of the total number of cases in 2004.

The new report shows Gonorrhea rates are up 70-percent to about 92-cases per 100,000 residents. Chlamydia rates up by 13-percent. HIV and AIDS rates had only slight increases, syphilis cases are down from last year. Washoe County health officials say besides better screening, the increase in population can account for the increase in STDs. Education they say is one way to curtail that trend.

That's why they'll be turning to primary care physicians for help.

Economically the direct costs associated with detecting and treating STDs is estimated at $8 billion annually nationwide. The medical consequences can mean infertility, an increase in cancer risk, or a lifetime of medical complications.