Teen Moms

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Tessa Miller says she didn't have a lot of options because, she says, she would forever regret giving up her own child.
Instead, at 17 years old she became a mom.
"I was in a position of leadership in my 4-H club. I also just transferred to TMCC High School and everything was going really good. I was at a really great point in my life and then all of a sudden, I stopped thinking and I got pregnant."
Miller says it was life-changing responsibility made easier with the Teen Success program.
"I can say, look, you know I did it. I had obstacles myself. i made it through. I did it. I got through high school, I have a great job and I get to be with my son."
In Nevada, more teenage moms have a second child before they turn 20 than any other state.
However, we dropped from the worst spot to number ten for most teenage pregnancies compared to the rest of the country.
The statistics are a harsh reality of the very world these young moms live in day to day.
This is why Planned Parenthood created the Teen Success program... and it's become quite a success for the local young moms in the program.
16-year old Yesena Miralles was even younger than Miller when she became pregnant.
She was also struggling and staying at juvenile hall when she first learned she would soon be a mom.
So, getting involved with teen success was the environment she says she needed to learn how to take care of her son and still get a degree.
"It changed my life a lot. Like I said, I was in juvenile hall, and my behaviors were not good. My son has changed everything for me because I want to do everything for him."
Robin Krueger, an educator with the Teen Success program, noticed a change in Miralles.
"She is determined to accomplish her goals and beat the statistic, basically what people say about teen moms."
Yesena Miralles stayed in school and will graduate next year... she then plans to attend nursing school.
Like so many young woman in the program, Miralles says she learned education and a career have become an essential asset to being a good mother and beating the odds.