Rebate Debate

Governor Kenny Guinn
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It's a nice problem to have. One many states, many governors would envy. Two years after passing a record tax increase, the state's economy is humming and it has more than expected. Even more than the governor has budgeted. Governor Guinn says "It's the best I've seen in 40 years and that's why we should involve a lot of these programs that we've involved, but perhaps fallen behind on."
Governor Guinn outlined the numbers for the media this morning. $92 million dollars in new money that should be there for the next budget cycle. $83 million more for one-time expenditures. The governor says what the lawmakers do with that money is up to them.
"Is it all day kindergarten...They'll now have to make the kinds of decisions I make every time I put together a budget."
But the governor says the state also has enough money to do a few things he's going to insist on...replenishing the state's rainy day fund, taking care of the millenium scholarship program, and return $300 million to the public. That rebate has been controversial. Some argue the state still has needs that money could address. The governor disagrees.